About Us

Please Consider Rescue Rather Than Release

BARN BUDDIES RESCUE is a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of abused, neglected or abandoned farm animals.  We discourage the release of any animal onto vacant land or parks within the valley.

Shopping the Old Time Country Market @ THE FARM is always free. If you wish to visit with the animals of BARN BUDDIES RESCUE, we do request a donation of $6 dollars for adults and $4 dollar for kids old enough to walk.  We do allow our visitors to feed some of our animals. For a small fee, we provide bags of hay to folks who would like to feed the cows, horses, goats and other animals. We’ll tell you exactly which animals to feed and which not to, as well as how to do it properly.

We will network with other groups to find appropriate homes. For questions or more information, feel free to contact us at 702-982-8000 or  Contact@BarnBuddiesRescue.org

Chickens – Ducks – Geese – Goats – Horses – Mini Horses – Cows – Llama –

Sheep – Donkeys – Mules – Pigs – Turkeys – Pheasant – Quail –

Peacocks – Tortoises – Turtles – More!