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We currently use PayPal and they accept all major credit and debit cards. We appreciate ANY and ALL donations because every penny helps our rescues have a good and stable home!  Please note that PayPal sends you a receipt for your donation; we don’t send a separate one.

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And we take pride in being the best stewards possible of the funds you generously contribute.

If you would like to buy something from the BARN BUDDIES RESCUE Wish List, just click the smile.

So, thanks for taking the time to visit this page and for your support of Barn Buddies Rescue.

Every little bit you give REALLY DOES make a difference!

Farmer Sharon Linsenbardt

Farmer Sharon-May2014


THE FARM has a very active animal rescue mission.

In fact, most of the many animals visitors see and interact with are rescues – from the largest mammals to the fish and turtles.

As you can imagine, the cost of feed alone for just the cows and horses is considerable.

Add-in the rest of our menagerie and the multiple types of speciality feed each respective animal or group of animals require, and soon it’s a surprisingly large amount of money spent each and every month.

That’s why we must reach out to the public for donations.

Sure, we do charge a small amount for entrance to our sanctuary. And we sell various goods, including small bags of food visitors can feed to some of the animals.

Those weekend activities certainly do help to offset the costs associated with THE FARM’s operation.

But aside from the incredible contributions of our many wonderful volunteers, what we also need on an ongoing basis is some financial support.