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Volunteers are involved in nearly every aspect of operations at BARN BUDDIES RESCUE @ THE FARM.  They truly are the muscles of our team – not only because they help get all of the hard work done; but, also because they’ve got big hearts! (The most important muscle in the body, of course!)

Misty and Kendra victorious

Train Rides at Birthday Parties

Las Vegas Farm Volunteer ladies

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We LOVE our volunteers for all that they do and everything they help us to accomplish.  Many hands make for light work! Hope to see you soon.

Please click on the raised hands above for more information about dress code, arrival times, etc. Be sure to fill out and print the liability waiver to be turned in your first day.

In addition to volunteers for general animal care and cleaning, we have some specific jobs that need to be filled on a permanent or semi-permanent basis.  They include:


If you have any questions or would like to set up a date to volunteer, please contact us at Volunteer@BARNBUDDIESRESCUE.org or call 702-982-8000.


Below are some of the projects we hope to accomplish in 2020.  We are looking for either volunteers or very low-cost contractors for the following:

Remember, it’s not just the big projects listed above, but many daily small tasks that make BARN BUDDIES RESCUE @ THE FARM run smoothly as well.  If you are able to assist, send us an email to Volunteer@barnbuddiesrescue.org

If you haven’t been out to BARN BUDDIES RESCUE @ THE FARM for a visit, you might want to come out on a weekend when we are open to the public to say hello.